Oct. 17th Newspaper Ad

Here is our newspaper advertisement from October 17th. Check the Westerville ThisWeek News and Public Opinion weekly for more information.


Oct. 17th Newspaper Ad — 2 Comments

  1. Please help me understand your position in regards to paragraph four. I am especially intrigued/confused by: “sharing of administrative services” and “awarding contracts based on cost and quality rather than pre-existing conditions.”

    I look forward to your response(s).

    Jodi Russell

  2. “Shared administrative services” refers to the concept of finding others who have need for the same work we do, and finding ways to split the costs. The ad you saw gave examples of government organizations which share fire, trash collection, dispatching, 911 and other services. An example involving the schools that comes to mind quickly is cooperation with the Westerville Public Library. The library has a great deal of information about scholarships and financial aid, and the ability to research much more.

    One of the services we would like to provide is help for parents of middle school students in preparing their children to compete for scholarship money and other forms of financial aid when they are ready for college. There is a great deal of money out there, but most parents are not experienced at finding it or directing their kids to activities that will qualify them for it. Over time, a partnership between the school district and the library may save Westerville parents millions of dollars. As parents of nine children collectively, we are highly aware of the ever-increasing cost of a college education.

    As to your question about contracts, our experience has been that in most organizations, a comfort level develops with a lot of long-time vendors. We want to review major contracts and bid them out to make sure we are getting the best products/services and pricing available to us.

    Thank you for your questions.

    Jim Burgess
    Luke Davis
    John Sodt

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