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Mission Statement

The mission of Ohioans for Workplace Freedom is to secure the rights of all hard working Ohioans, through the amending of the Ohio Constitution, to "Workplace Freedom," which would mean that no longer can any group, government, or person be able to force or coerce any Ohioan into joining or contributing to an organization they do not support.

Our Goal

Our goal is to collect over 400,000 signatures. To achieve this goal, we will need your help. Click here to learn more about why this is so important to protecting the rights of working Ohioans.


If you believe that all Ohio workers have the right to Workplace Freedom and would like to help out, fill out the volunteer form and we will contact you. This is a great opportunity to be involved in something that is historic and will benefit Ohio workers greatly.

What is the Ohio Workplace Freedom Amendment?

The Ohio Workplace Freedom Amendment guarantees Ohioans have a choice in whether or not they join a labor union and pay dues or fees at their place of work as a condition of employment.

Workplace freedom is about choice and Freedom of Association – the choice to join a union, and the choice to not join a union.  Workplace freedom guarantees that decision is left to each individual’s personal preference by insuring that no one is forced to pay union dues or fees just to have a job.

John McAvoy Talks Workplace Freedom

John was on the Sonny Thomas Show on October 22nd talking about the Workplace Freedom Amendment. Listen Here…

John’s interview starts around the 31 minute mark.

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