Please read these important instructions before gathering signatures

  • Only people who are registered to vote in Ohio may sign the petition.
  • If you register people to vote and if you turn the form in, you are required to do this within 5 days.  If mailing the form, use the return address of the person registering to vote.

Each petition packet may have signatures from only one county.

The petition pages must be stapled together in numerical order.

Before starting a petition, print your name on the front page (upper left corner) and print the County where the signers live on the front page (upper right corner).

Never be a signer of your own petition.

Signatures must be in Chronological order (the dates must be in order). Don’t go back at a later date and collect signatures in missed spaces or pages.

  • Make sure signers include the address where they are registered to vote.
  • Leave the “Ward/Precinct” space blank.
  • No “dittos” or abbreviations are allowed in the signature boxes. (Signer may write middle initial).
  • If the signer makes an error, mark off the signature with a single line and start fresh on the next signature line.
  • If the signer lives in the city and votes for the mayor, use the city. Otherwise, use the township, not the mailing address.
  • Signers are to check the change of address box only if they have changed their registration recently. (i.e. Since the last time they voted).

Complete the Statement of Circulator on the last page. Leave the employer line blank. Sign and include the address where you are registered to vote. For every petition packet you have (regardless of the number of signatures in each packet), you must sign the Statement of Circulator. Month, Day, and Year must be filled in.

After checking these guidelines have been met, mail completed petitions to:

Sue Ellen King
1268 PO Box
Westerville, OH 43086

Questions? Contact Ohioans for Workplace Freedom via e-mail at:




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